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  1. Your probably right, but the thing is NC does have a habit of pulling the ground out from under your feet, In turn there is nothing wrong with asking questions.
  2. Agree . @Juji@Himecan u please let us know if we should be selling our ore back to store before update? Or will it continue to have a use and we should stock up on it more?
  3. @HimeSorry I missed this response before making a "Patch?" post. Thanks for responding and fair enough it happens to us all. While not your fault I am sure you appreciate that its still a frustrating issue for players and the delay often costs players time and money.
  4. Of course I will wait like the rest :p, I was appealing for us all :D. I just think that to produce them at such a late stage is unhelpful and shows a lack of consideration that we have all come to know and expect. Its not normal though and I like to remind myself of this once in a while :D.
  5. Hi GM’s could we please have the patch notes for the update this week? Your not giving us much reaction time now if your going to change / delete things.
  6. @Himehi do you think the sort sharp (almost dismissive ) response is reasonable of a gm and employee to your customer base? We only wanna know what to expect from an update that will effect us all in some way. It’s normal for most big organisations to give reasonable advance notice of changes. It is not unreasonable of us to expect patch notes a decent amount of time before it becomes live and you damn well know it.
  7. I agree far too few. There is also a fairness issue outside of that. Euro players will most likely have been sleeping when it was posted and at work at the selling time, and for some it will be advertised and sold while they slept.
  8. The thing I object to is that they design a class a particular way. Then encourage you to boost that class, often with a lot hard earned money or precious time, then just when you think your getting somewhere they move the goal posts.This aspect for any class and player is unfair, because they should have given more consideration to the items they make available. In my opinion it would be better to focus on improving other classes rather than nerfing but unfortunately they are too lazy and complacent to care.
  9. @Juji could we please get some extra event time because of this? The problem with this current update time (1am to 3am GMT) is that the majority of European players will lose a nights ( or longer) benefit of the event through no fault of their own. Many thanks if you do. Also if you gave event buffs after update again the majority of people effected by it the longest wont be online to receive it.
  10. We are all good at complaining and often quiet when NC gets something right. I just wanted to say well done at getting these group areas right. It’s just what we needed. Thank you.
  11. You said “Mysterious Attribute Herb (Attack Attribute +150 and PVE Damage +10% for 30 minutes) will be added *as part of our hunting zone changes* to the following” what are your other plans please? As it only helps a small amount. the majority of players are really hacked off at the moment, we appreciate the herb but it’s just a temporary measure for something much more substantial surely?
  12. @Juji Since we have new elements and it has been such a long time. Any possibility of getting Red Libra details a little early, please?
  13. Very disappointed re IOS, You will drive more players away for sure. The thing is you have had overwhelming feedback, and you said you would discuss it with the development team and the conclusion arrived at is our opinion doesn’t matter at all, and it was a waste of time to give it in the 1st place. A real shame.
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