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  1. Cue in the queue.

    2 hours 30 mins in queue and login in numbers reduced by 50%. No point in playing.
  2. @Juji could we please get some extra event time because of this? The problem with this current update time (1am to 3am GMT) is that the majority of European players will lose a nights ( or longer) benefit of the event through no fault of their own. Many thanks if you do. Also if you gave event buffs after update again the majority of people effected by it the longest wont be online to receive it.
  3. Varka and Ketra

    We are all good at complaining and often quiet when NC gets something right. I just wanted to say well done at getting these group areas right. It’s just what we needed. Thank you.
  4. You said “Mysterious Attribute Herb (Attack Attribute +150 and PVE Damage +10% for 30 minutes) will be added *as part of our hunting zone changes* to the following” what are your other plans please? As it only helps a small amount. the majority of players are really hacked off at the moment, we appreciate the herb but it’s just a temporary measure for something much more substantial surely?
  5. Red Libra Details

    @Hime Thank you 😊
  6. Red Libra Details

    @Juji Since we have new elements and it has been such a long time. Any possibility of getting Red Libra details a little early, please?
  7. Very disappointed re IOS, You will drive more players away for sure. The thing is you have had overwhelming feedback, and you said you would discuss it with the development team and the conclusion arrived at is our opinion doesn’t matter at all, and it was a waste of time to give it in the 1st place. A real shame.
  8. Rather than discussing the finer details of this update, I think it’s better to talk about general principles and the direction we appear to be heading in. Seems that NC West focus much on what the few percent of top players can do and use this as a guidance for restriction for the rest. To me this seems a very backward way to think. For example, the apparent error with the adena drops in IOS has allowed a few of my friends to actually earn 100 mill in a day or something for the 1st time in God know how long. Yet it will probably be restricted because a small percentage are earning a few billions or more. The sad reality as well is that those few percent of properly paid thousands or played for many years to enjoy that luxury. But is it even a luxury? For a top player to make 3 billion + a day and they want to save for a top items still going to take them a long time to accomplish this, just seems like a luxury because everything is so back to front. While this is going on we have new or less wealthy players that are restricted to a point in which they lose all hope of reasonable growth of their character. In this update this is reflected in areas and levels which many long term players just cannot accomplish or ever hope to (as things stand) and it is therefore meaningless. Often NC West appear like totalitarian parent or even enemy of your average player, when you should be our friends and entertainers. Events seem more set up to feed the addiction of gamblers rather than giving your players an opportunity to gear up / develop. Seems your business model is based on having the few percent pay for most of the costs, yet while most players are not as wealthy they would be willing to spend more if they got more value or a decent chance to grow. Both the big and the small would contribute then because all would have hope. We do need OP God like powered players too. A lot of this game is about drama and gossip and encourages atmosphere. In a nutshell NC West help your players grow and stop being so tight fisted and in return you will get more back on many levels. I think the truth of this is reflected in this update because it means nothing to most players because of the lack of support from NC to grow and develop. The most exciting part of the new update is the drops in IOS and that’s was unintended. I think a good idea also would be to add things to store like fishing bait so that player consistently make adena rather than it being so random. Do the right thing, befriend us again and keep the servers and game alive.
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    @Juji In the past we were able to purchase extra passes to upgrade our bracelet’s quicker, would it be possible to do this for the current event please?
  10. @Juji obviously I am not meaning specific details but can you clarify in general terms what you mean by “The next update will contain mostly quality of life improvements” I.e do you mean latency, graphics, ease of use, quests etc ?
  11. GM’s Do you have a response ?

    In many ways you are correct (and I had a beer and a rant with my last post, so fairs fair). However other servers in other places don’t appear to be having the same issues (as far as I am aware) and the game development team ought to be aware of the server setups in the various locations and their ability to cope with the game updates and adjust things accordingly (beforehand)
  12. GM’s Do you have a response ?

    Professionalism is as simple as this. 1. If you say something you do it. 2. If you cannot complete what you have committed to you apologise, explain and reschedule with a clarified and renegotiated plan. 3. You resign. Anything other than 1,2 and 3 are conscious or unconscious deceptions to yourself, others or both....simples.
  13. unfortunately not noticeable changes/fixes, the queue is removed with no notifications or no communication of any kind :(.
  14. GM’s look at the huge range of issues and complaints going on at the moment, a decent proportion of them worthy of dialogue. Update us please even if it’s difficult news, it’s better than silence and ignorance. Enter into discussion please.