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  1. I don't know if someone is having the same issue as me, but since 2 weeks before the update announce, most of my accounts have been blocked to use the website and even mailing the support team and asking to remove it, when they do, after i login the 2nd time i get blocked again. it's automatic. i got at least 6 blocks in the last week, and every time they say i have been flagged for security issues just because i try login at website, nothing more. And after this post i will log out and for sure will be blocked again. I have used exitLag to get better routes with low ping to the server, and they ip blocked me saying it was vpn / proxy usage, they didn't answer if it's legal to use it, but if it's not, why ban / block due to it's use? i know some people that can only play using this soft because the lags don't let them play the game normaly, and for their surprise, are getting free bans for using it. Not only me but many other brazilian players are facing this same issue with exitLag / multiple and sucessive website blocks after the support team remove the block.
  2. any news about the crafting packs? bcuz none gonna click it, u need to farm for 1 year nonstop 24/7 at cata to have the enough to click 1 weapon. should add all the materials to the pack also, to just click at a dwarf.
  3. @Juji any News about cloth pieces not dropping from zaken anymore? since baium should be dropping and wasn't at the older patch, and bcuz there's no other reliable source than 0.0000000001 % mobs of varkas / ketra, its ridiculous that turned into loot boxes prize, a thing that is extremely necessary in game.
  4. @Juji please consider changing the bracelet of duty lv 5 and lv 6 to open 5 and 6 talismans slots respectively, not Worth to use the talisman bracelet lv6 from event only for the slots while you lose the +1 of each status just because of 3 more slots.
  5. Hello when pumkin

    cloth pieces / stable armor A enchants for a reasonable %? free or paid event?
  6. rip cloths from zaken. you just saw the cloths were the most profitable item to turn p2w and now no new players will be able to unseal their A grade sets. such a low move from the NCSOFT l2store staff. i hope u rethink about this, since b grade free players cant farm in varkas / ketra to TRY drop cloths from mobs with 0.0000000000000% chance
  7. Ok.. mobs that would hit 6000, now hit 5400 at IT/ LOA / DV. Considering that only a few % of the players can sustain 24/7 using fruits +elixirs to hunt at these areas and still get wiped by the mobs sometimes, in my oponion thats not enought to make these areas lv 85 populated with the current equips/ players we have here. Not all are using fruits to hunt mobs, mainly saving those for pvp or epic bosses. + the need of the +15 cloaks with that very low chance of enchanting even with stable scrolls, i've failed more than 12 stable cloak and still with +9. thats insane. i think you should do more free events like these / oriana / red libra. Putting paid events with loot boxes now at corona time isn't cool. ppl won't spend more Money at a game instead of Real life purposes of calamity.
  8. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

  9. At least on Talking Island server nothing changed. The other clan side didn't flagged once, when did, was by mistake while they were trying to overbuff the orcs to lose the PVE bônus buff. Talking Island has no serious competition, no wars, no pvps (even with 0% loss events / feathers 100% ress). People only care to overgear DD/ orc classes to /attack the bosses, It's a kind of farming simulator: L2 Version. The Rare acessory box event were basically who cancels the other clan gate chant at the boss and overbuff the enemy orc with useless EE/ PP buffs. People who liked it, was because they didn't need to camp and kill na epic boss. Putting epic jewels to drop/ win in events demotivates he people who invest time leveling, gearing and camping bosses for 30+ hours, making it's value of rarity drops considerable. People who have never went to Ant Nest kill the Epic Ant Queen boss have the jewels. The adena bost was good, but need to expand adena drop to all elemental zones if you want people to start using S grade weapons instead of mid/ top C weapons for economy in Spirit/soulshots. Imperial Tomb even with the nerf on mobs attacks are still unfarmable, can't stand inside a room, needing to lure mobs 1 by 1 carefully to not agro the others, w/o mentioning the 1 shot kill on mages and 3 shots on tanks.
  10. Olympiad broken system

    bring the old system, 5 npc buffs only. the old olympiads was best than this new full buff method
  11. The mobs of imperial tomb are still op, even after this "nerf" they are hitting the same amount of damage. tank 83 getting 3 shots from 1 mob, and all the mobs of a room are agressive, can't stand inside of a room w/o being wiped every 10 seconds.
  12. "...is open only to legal residents of legal residents of Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec), and the United States (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico), who are the age of majority or older (18 years of age in most jurisdictions) as of the date of entry." Only people who lives in Canada and USA are considered "elegible" to participate and be a winner in this event? players who live at any other country besides these 2 or any other allowed country won't be an "elegible person" to participate the contest? This isn't clear for me.
  13. XP Bugged after Update

    dragon valley also isn't dropping adena, 1 hour killing mobs there and 0 drop. bonus xp 560% - magma golem 427,242xp (bonus 314,794) w/o boost i would get 85k? thats not right. even w/o the event wasn't this low. maybe when you introduced this new patch you removed that old permanent boost you have added once in the past of 20% on adena / xp
  14. Bring Old Olympiads Back

    and there's no usefull reward of it, we had EWA, EWB, EAA, EAB, talismans and a bunch of other stuff, hero weapons and hero skills that were Worth to have and now only a useless buff that recover a little of mana and hero voice, nothing to fight for. please fix it