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  1. If some one have curshed wep in your pt can remoove yours so farm it and that all easy
  2. it looks like non normal peace zone So normal pvp blue red chat
  3. I have old computer with dual core intel cpu 8GB RAM SSD 250GB 4870 ATI RADEON GPU and it work's good no problems and stable 3 window's If you need only to play l2 it work flawless with i7 7700K 16GB RAM with SSD or M.2 and GPU from GTX 1060+ on full performance ! 1000$$+ (depents GPU) For low budget and VFM is CPU i5 6600k GPU 480 Radeon 8GB with 8GB RAM and SSD Samsung 960 Evo this build cost around 600$$ You can make also build with AMD but l2 is old game and Intel have better single core performance VFM in those bulds
  4. Stream is Up but server still down Thanx alot for thos who supporting me
  5. As i see you keep doing this you get 2 times copyright you got also delete here and you continiute it Really now you act like 5 years old kid and you know what happent ppl like you ?? You just hiding behind of internet anonimus and you think you will be ok Shame on you you are just and idiot who never lern your lesson and for last because you are really Clawn and nothing change my mind you must learn bleep to respect ppl this is a bleeping game if you are not njoy it leave as alone and get the bleep out of here you are the worst guy wtf not guy animal ever see and you are lucky cuz you
  6. tell me exactly what you want and i will help you
  7. 1 Greece tsounakas-DeadMaker-Turbulance-Ts0uNaKaS 2 Duelist/Necro/GS/Dred Dual Cardinal 3 2006 Teon Franz Magmeld Naia 4 103/105 5 2 times after h5 and come back at goddes
  8. Can't be touched Can't be stopped Can't be moved Can't be rocked Can't be shook We HOT
  9. thanx alot for your wish m8
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