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  1. thanks a lot this pandemia make thinks a lot ot sheets, but i know i was mad thinkg about it was a ninja nerf login, like never happen, when never do, and never do because all works as intended.
  2. 2018 video works same as 2020, i know it works as intended but i think its not same rate righte now!
  3. the right answer could be, he already never spawned because of high latecy we can spect to show tomorrow, remember, ncsoft always test everything to work as intended.
  4. i thought it was afraid of another server crash and decided to leave Naia for own sake
  5. we are talking about ncsoft mate, what do you spect?
  6. if you foundsolution then bring back 30% + 30% mobs u reduced week by week between 2 weeks in a row,
  7. at least will migrate to a intel opteron within hotswap HD 10,000 rpm and 16gb 4200 mhz RAM not shared for virtualizing and perform tunneling trought 2 ethernet ports 100/1000 whil distribuite DB into segments for to stop flooding with triggers the only one way of data transfeR?
  8. Contratulations hardware upgrades work enought!
  9. Were is my Tersi/Angel Cat compensantion
  10. This Proyect beguns 10 years ago, so we can expect to wait another 10 years and stil wait more years as intended.
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