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  1. Do we have any estimate for the Fix? I have 28k Enchant scrolls and soon I dont have enough time to burn those before next wednesday... also I have 2 +17 Slayers to turn in.
  2. Cant edit my post so add this to new post... People also still have Enchanted Slayers in storage that they would need to be able to return...
  3. The Exchange issue refers to the fact that I cant do anything with the Mystical Enchant scrolls now? The NPC Lula has no option for returning Slayers nor to buy them. I still have some Enchant scrolls left and am slowly running out of time to use my hard earned Enchant scrolls
  4. Would it be possible that you could make some actual use for the Rare Books of Splendour? I have literally exact 50 of those and the market has almost non-existent use for those. Maybe make a trade for those - Rare book exchange into something actually usefull.
  5. Seems NA classic is only Official left... https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/674024/#post-9233942
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