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  1. Sorry we can’t break our quid pro quo with @Beppler
  2. The only time the game was balanced was the first week .... I agree with you @Karioli but what we can do , this post will make TOI to get nerfed besides fixing the other areas... classic ncsoft mentality! we don’t fix things we break it even more! . But in my I hope they do fix it...
  3. So i recently purchased a Legendary Cloak Enchant Scroll Pack (4,350 ncoin). The description is the following: Enchant scroll for the Ancient Kingdom's Cloak. Can be used when the enchant level is at least +7, up to +20. Success rate is 10% better than normal Cloak Scrolls. Enchant level goes up by 1 when it succeeds, and if it fails, the item remains and the level goes down by 1. so when i open the pack i got different scrolls from the description. I got the following: +10 to +20 Scroll: Enchant Cloak - Legendary How it is possible that i g
  4. Please merge the last 2 classic servers! It will bring a bit of adrenaline rush to the game before it dies completely.
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