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  1. I got few words to share with you guys and some realities... I see they care more for classic they answer faster in there than here @Juji is answering their questions but when we ask no answer just ignore we are on the dark side arent we?.. You are the most poor and worst company i have ever meet in online games each patch you update you make game worst with bugs lags and ruin every class to force us play the most "top class" you think...True GameMasters are close server and fix it and they have one test server if you are lazy to test it then give us the link so we can test it by ourselfs sinc
  2. Take it easy relax take a selfie now while servers are light cuz you wont see them light till next maintenance
  3. We love @mixa who dare speak about mixa!!!!
  4. I dont know what are you talking about they havent stole anything from me or did anything bad to call lawyer besides you cant call one because its your choise to pay them for nccoins not them they just offer them...
  5. Dont forget more people are coming or more mentees lets say that way, less spots for rest of players they must expand exp zones too example blazing swamp is already full but they can add such other zones easy to kill mobs so people can farm their exalted parts
  6. The only drops i know from last update is those new mats to craft items i dont know how they make 20b per day,Also this attack delay in my screen dont exist with all my classes i have tried every class just out of boredness and i delete them was only a test to see if its true this attack delay but no lag at all,i think its not servers that cost this lag its simple almost whole world is home every family using their internet on home internet moderns are kinda overused than last times before covid19 imagine whole world using internet even facebook is broken sometimes So dont blame ncsoft they d
  7. Come on,its free game dont expect any difference and i see there is no lag or latency only queue which is small problem i was 234 queue once and within 20 minutes i was inside server i think servers are fine no lag no delay no latency besides you can fix latency from options game display limit i always got it full and i see what is going on, some others got it off or even at half and they come over steal spots cuz they have never touch options in this game keep up the hard work ncsoft i found servers playable and fixed every week is better than previous once
  8. Some people just buying buying buying they get top gears and they cant pvp cuz they dont know how
  9. I just dont give a shit for this game thats all whyi should spend my money into a game that will be closed soon cuz of classic?
  10. also lke you teleporting killing 1-2 guys are pr lol PR guy is this what you call pvp?
  11. Also in your chat afraid to put Damage taken? i see your were liek 1-2 shots and you cant 1 shot enemies? fake dragon wep or wut?
  12. On the second video i only saw you hiding no auction no nothing hiding behind a rock is this what you call pvp with dragon wep and you died whatever random
  13. Compete? balor? cmon you mean Complete and Baylor and since its easy this game for you why dont you find a harder one?
  14. Why do we have to pay to play? those who pay shouldnt farm rbs 88 lvl since they are "billioners" in their minds
  15. Making in pvp zone will be hard for low lvl rbs aoe = hit people who are in CC for high lvl you can do whatever in there since big gears are running but i am still pissed with those who come to kill rbs 88 lvl wit h+10 sets cloak 10+ ench shadow wep
  16. Has anyone got any set or app from event boxes? cuz i dont see them in market (apps)
  17. We just lost 5 rewards from event so today we gonna farm orianas boxes?
  18. We rlly dont need any boss cuz only 1 guy is coming and farm them all day and also since this game is pay to win we dont rlly need bosses you cant rlly farm bosses now top dds for PvE propably can have 70%+ PvE dmg maybe more since they are so rich what are they doing at low lvls rbs? 88+? makes no sense what you want to farm those requiem packs? lifestones? dyes? ewr? ear? gtfo from low lvl rbs people want to lvl up by doing everyday a kartia makes no sense and its boring
  19. we dont care for classic open livessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  20. GET GTFO here is live server we dont care for classic!!!
  21. if the delay is from classic who cares ? we dont care for classic open lives and do whatever youw ant with classics
  22. Cmon open the server 2 hours passes and 8 minutes cmon dont be lazy
  23. I got a shirt for you says you are bot you want it is cheap
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