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  1. afk auto hunting is never going to go away so that should never be the complaint. maybe there is some universal vitality given daily so once you used up those vitality, you have less incentive to keep be in constant party so you can break away to explore the world and do things. but make the vitality worth it on a daily basis... up to you game designer to make vitality 4 hours, 8 hours per day whatever you think it's a good balance. outside of those 4 or 8 hours, the XP reward drastically drops forcing people to do other things instead of mindless senseless XP XP XP. lol. Lineage
  2. just saw Chronos froze up and DC massive amount of players... this is horrible... i'm streaming Olympics so I know my internet was rock solid
  3. Love this Anti-bot, more XP area now. seriously, not kidding. More breathing room.
  4. it's very powerful anti-bot agent that runs inside your PC
  5. can you elaborate on smalls and medium gears? do you mean R-grade and R95 grades regardless of enchant rate? such as +30 Bless R95 Caster?
  6. Yes if you are a cheap ass and don't buy NC Coins.
  7. noble peace prize to Akrashha. my brain finally got some relief
  8. wow, to put kids to college, that's quiet noble.
  9. P2W Extreme sounds like a deterrent advertisement LOL Btw, what's this Essence about?
  10. POM buff, does physical skill critical rate (50%?) has a CAP like Magic Critical Rate (33%)? If so, is it 50% or higher?
  11. i misread, i thought chests he meant 450 MEGA packs.
  12. what's unique about this Aden server? Any link to read up on this?
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