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  1. yes true ill play too one month just for fun and no more
  2. why??? you see again dc etc... best is drop the chest by mob with chance and not spawn by killing. drop like aden Box @Juji @Hime
  3. so why we buy then? this is clean scam
  4. well newest should have and the chance for reward every "event" how much % chance .... simple and we see after how it gone from all my friend nobody get D weapon or something we need % @Juji in each event
  5. sorry i forgot i have get and 3 time mysterious bssr wtf even that is not in reward list
  6. well i open some lara gift from my alts toons and i see this Heine Special Bait Coupon wrong reward @Juji chek plz https://ibb.co/5KNp2xV @Juji@Hime
  7. well you can put on trade 999,999,999,999 Adena and after you can put 1adena that is 1 trillion Wtf iy ou whant 5 trillion you can do 999,999,999,999 x5 time then put 5 Adena that is 5 Trillion. Simple
  8. mas dc again???? why whay im pay xp runes? why my pc is on and i have electricity consumption??? and i change the internet company for beter internet and still dc ../.......
  9. well same think for me and never and no ware it say PER IP WEA ARE (NOOBS)??????? or dont kno whw t read? it say clear per account and it say EVRY ACCOUNT..... i wannt my restor back too
  10. Well 51 Angells accessories enacyant 3 time luck lady on +3 no one +5 well over 30 broken on+1 and i have abute 83 luck on spoiler. Thanks
  11. 127 box 4 elcyum 1 lvl 11 leonel 1 shayha blessing 7 silenite 2 shayha talisman box 1 top augment the other was xp buff boost WTF???? Im playing for xp buff's on next event make al items with% chance for it. That i have say
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