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Old combo mechanics... Any one remembers?


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Hi all,

so this goes out to the older players - i guess.

I remember that there was once a system introduced, that provided some kind of power build up among several different classes/players within a party during battles. I don't know how it was called or how it exactly worked. All i remember was from a introduction video from one of the past game updates. I can't really tell in what time or chapter of L2 that appeared. Must have been between 2009 and 2013. During that time i was away from the game and just checked from time to time what was new, from Trailers and Patchnotes etc. 

Now some days ago i was talking with some old friends from old L2 times (2006/2008) and this topic came up. But none of us could really remember the name of that. 

Does anyone have a clue what that could have been? Anyone has a video or could explain that. I know that the system is gone long ago, and i am not talking of "forces" (i guess).

Best regards,


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