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  1. Do something with the 16th anniversary coins, please. We just have it overflown in our inventory. Even my boxes have around 2000 and it's not possible to use them for anything because you can get 8x dice daily. Make it to be able to exchange for EXP stuffs at least or for additional event boxes. To have it any meaning.
  2. Best Yul?

    If you go for ultimate PvE and slightly PvP choose GS. It's specifically the best way because of the skill power it gets. But if you wanna focus on PvP, trickster is the way to do the best dmg on the enemy. It's harder to exp with trickster because what GS has in skill power (which is a good for both pvp and pve) that yul has in PvP dmg only, so it has lack of skill power in PvE. Sagittarius gets pdef and mdef from its specific skills, MS has skill crit rate and skill cd by its own skills.
  3. 16th Anniversary Coins

    That's a good question. I have 1600 on box and send it around to all my boxes which have some Ether
  4. Aden tour issue?

    I had the same, but I recieved reward anyway. So it's fine, just glitchy.
  5. Still no any mention about it or maybe i just haven't done enough research, i don't know anymore
  6. The Greater Jewels from event are 30-day, lol out of season april's fool joke!
  7. Shadow Master Appearance Stone

    Thanks for the potato
  8. Before update, i have bought around ~150 Seed Bracelet..Needless to say, because of the inventory limit i've sent them to myself by mail. Guess what? All got deleted, expect those what i had place in inventory. Nice job ncwest!
  9. its ok, its in your wh or your toon wh whoever is the sender..if you have overflow and take it off, the overflowed items will be over there
  10. Anyway...around 180 compound to get a top-grade seed bracelet who is interested. https://imgur.com/rLBhjsW
  11. and if i had more bracelets than place in my wh?
  12. It seems they have transferred items from mailbox to WH. Which had place. joke
  13. Error: Buying Soulshot from L2Store

    Try it once again after fail, will work
  14. Naia Down

    I will order you a pallet of buckets so you will have a place to QQ to
  15. Cloack enchant

    32 cloak and +7 elmore (not legendary), 1 stable scroll and it became +8. pretty fair for me
  16. One of the main problem is that ppl who are able to login more boxes than 3, they WILL, i'm sure many ppl can log at least 15 chars..for the mentee system's maximum exploitation to make full profit by sellings mentee's with lv104 and 99%. And ppl who usually log max 1-3 chars to play at least, can't even login because of THESE ppl...THESE selfish ppl don't care about others who maybe want to play, but you should. Waiting 300+ ppl in queue is just ridiculous and unfair for us. I really hope you will solve this problem to limit everyone up to 3. Server wouldn't be so laggy either.
  17. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    Sad part is, we are unable to play because some people use 2-3 laptops with VM and 9-21 boxes to run as much mentee as possible to profit while the server become so tresholded by it that people like us cant even log in with our main chars..awesome
  18. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    In Hungary with Telekom you still can't even login when the server has full treshold..is this an out of season april fools' joke or what, some ISPs are sanctioned or something? I and many of us don't pay for unused Prestige Pack and others.. I have waited 20 mins to be able to login at least on this website.. Website login crash Launcher stucked
  19. Yeah i have to agree, from mobile internet share its working, but with my ISP its not..weird..and im sure i wont waste that much mobile data to play..Congrats, you ruined launcher again
  20. helping friend

    Mystic Muse, but i guess google is your friend too, so up to now you found it out by yourself
  21. I know it sounds weird and maybe it's not even worth a topic to open, but back then Judicator became Iss Enchanter but if I know well it was deleted due to keeping the old OP 15 sec skills for not learning the melodies (I don't even know if I'm correct or not). When there were still subs, i tested it and it gave novice iss skills for lvlup to 80. Now that the 3rd class skills don't exist anymore, I wonder if there is a chance to make a kamael ISS class (again)?
  22. Didn't we have Giant Scroll for Freya Staff last year? Don't blame me if I remember wrong.
  23. When do I change race for the Kamael?

    Why would you change from a mighty god kamael to a dark elf?
  24. Game Opens to an Exit Button

    come on mate, it won't work with l2.exe made of l2.bin.. NEITHER with the old launcher in my opinion which icon is on your tray you need to install NCLauncher 2.