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with 1 PP gonna takes you probabbly 3 hours

with 2 pp gonna takes you probabbly 2 hours

with 3 pp gonna takes you probabbly 1.30 hours

with 5 pp gonna takes you 1 hour

with 6 pp gonna takes you 40 minutes


now get the people, get the time, and decrease your karma


remember you will need the help of 7 players, 6 supports, and someone that kills you


good luck, and next time, think about kill the others


oh and remember 13k karma is more than 1 to 2 levels of exp, whatever the lvl u be, unless the 6 supporters be a bishop lvl 74

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This should be changed definitely. Pk and karma are a key part of the game, and they've been always the main and only way to kill bots. Not mentioning the other main usages as battle for spot and competitivity. Actually the game is like the hand-playing players being unable to take actions against bots, and just can to look for another spot unless you have the courage (or stupidity) to sacrifice 1-2 lvls + money + possible drop just to fail a 4% for 1 of them (who can afford 4% automatically in a few time) and that not ensure you will get the spot....
You cant ban such a high density of bots, and it's understandable, but at least help us to "survive" this zombie invasion and get our "fair play" without losing lots of hours of our hand made play. Return karma mechanics to what it was! :(
I'm praying for this 

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