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Any ideas for better equipiment?


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With that starter gear you should be able to quite efficiently kill succubus(x1 ho mobs) at spider nest (while doing spider quest on the side) - they drop a good amount of Adena, iron ore, varnish and devotion tunic/stockings quite often. Just have some antidotes with you as they poison. Farm till 25, get your self at least low D weapon, make the moon armor quest and move to orc barracks(x2 mobs). As outlaw said, good Adena drop as well as coal, charcoal, bones, cokes and low D jewelry, gloves, helmet, top NG weapon(from dogs). Collect key parts of bone helmet - sell them at min 1k Adena at market, collect quality leather gloves lining and leather boots lining and craft them, then break for d crystals. Stay in orc barracks until mobs get light blue(after orc sentinels and footmans move to the barracks to skirmishes and prefects - these drop low armor/weapon D)

In general, even tho spoil is broken especially at higher levels, make a spoiler for 1-40 spoiling, you can always abandon it afterwards. Succubus spoil iron ore and varnish at decent rate(9 out of 10). Orc barracks has nice spoil of CBP, coal and skins as well as ton of trash that you can always vendor.

You can run in duo with your sk with or w/o shots - you’ll lvl slower, but gain more Adena per level this way. Don’t use xp scrolls(from daily AI or whatever) later on as they give just exp and no sp and you miss Adena from good old grind

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On 12/30/2018 at 6:10 AM, esspee said:

the problem is that im to weak to farm normally, 1 mob ant hp below average 

Having a buffer/healer following you makes things vastly easier. Having your own crafter to make D shots helps the financial pressure later on.

OB is definitely too much for a 21 palus knight to take on. Abandoned Camp is probably a bit too tough right now too. Your best option is probably outside of ruins of despair (get the parts for adena quest in south gludio). I ended up running around to the south south/east of the RoD area till 23ish on some characters. You're going to want to stick to white named mobs at the highest. Green named will be easier but I believe in classic there is still a reduced drop rate for green and lower. Although barely green mobs shouldn't really have that noticeable of a drop rate reduction.

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