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Exp Place for Silver Ranger


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Resist stun, decr.weight, holy weap, regen, party recall, dark resist, clarity all quite useful for an SR, depends on play style I suppose if you would rather have those buffs and a decent heal/recharge over song/dance but the SE is literally useless.

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WC, SE so a must is having a BD and if you are wanting to do 3 PP would be good as well for zerk, and if your crazy like me make a EE, SE is a bit useless for you. when i started i went PP and BD then when i got use to using multi boxing then made a SWS this was before auto next target so it was annoying and hard casue i dont bot. now with auto next target is when i made a WC and a CAT summoner but thats just casue im a psycho but now dont need anyone else which can be sad and lonely but thats where this game has gone too boxing all the support.... PS cat will be useless till 77 but you will thank me later when you do get there

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