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What is considered scamming?


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In this thread, you wrote..

"No, mixa is right. You could accuse anyone of anything here and no one would have the means of verifying the claim. That's just a witch hunt. The best thing to do is submit a CS ticket if you've encountered someone who is violating game policies. "

I would like to ask for an official statement regarding your supposed policy regarding scamming Etc.


I am asking this cause to my experience you have no such policies, if somebody gets scammed you just give them a slap on the fingers and say "dont trust anybody with your items" - so what is the point of making a CS ticket in that case?




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2 hours ago, Dargor said:

He's right about the witch hunt part though. The latest example of it was that wallabi "scammer" thread being everywhere in this forum.

Not against that decision per say, just curious really. 


Someone edited the thread name but ignored the question.. 

Still wondering what will happen if i give someone my items, make a SS of him saying "I'll give it back when you ask", if he  decides to scam me will i receive the items back? Cause my friend did not.

So again, whats the point of making a ticket? Your policy against scamming is nonexistant is it not? 

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@Znipo I think they've made it clear over the years that if you share items or accounts the responsibility is solely yours. They went as far as to make account sharing bannable; although some would argue that that was made so to maximize profit. To be honest I sincerely can't be bothered with the "bad ncwest" conspiracies, they're tiring and of little meaning. However, you're right, they should define what constitutes a scam and lay that matter to rest at long last.

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This ? 

5 hours ago, OneWingedAngle said:

After 3 months fighting with NCWest Support Team I got information


Sorry for the inconvenience. We received an information from the Development Team and it appears that this is intentional and the patch notes were incorrect. In addition, the description in-game does not include information of working on allies as a result.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.


GM Maru
NCSOFT Support Team


it means, that only Hell Knights got this "boost" anf ofc only on NCWest !

I have idea !

Maybe rest Tank Classes should get, that "boost"


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