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comply with what they say!!!!


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The truth is I feel cheated with this server ... yesterday before unlocking the mi pj had more than 3k of Well-Made Matchstick. Taking into account the information that had been given here https://www.lineage2.com/news/matchstick-sisters-event in which it CLEARLY says that on January 2 all the items of said event except the Christmas Amulet Box DISAPPEAR from the inventory ( 15-day) that disappears on January 23 I set out to try to take out the amulet of exp by spending ALL of my Well-Made Matchstick in the attempt. Today when I log in I find myself with the surprise that not only did they not remove anything from the inventory but that the mobs did not drop any more said items of the event. but sister NPCs are still asking for 70% buf. I mean, I lost my items that I spent yesterday based on the ERRONE information they gave on the date they disappeared. BECAUSE I KNEW THAT THE NPC OF THE SISTER WERE GOING TO BE AND THAT THE MOBS DROPED NOTHING OF THE EVENT I HAVE NEVER SPENDED THEM. I need you to give me a solution or particularly my clan and I will not play anymore because of several irregularities like this one that have already tired us

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Do you realize that you do not contribute anything? use the baby head. They are unbalancing the game at your convenience. ALLEGEDLY on January 2 all the items of the event disappeared but nobody noticed that the NPCs of the sisters were going to continue being. And you see people with more than 10k of items selling at extremely expensive prices. Many people like me read that it was until the maintenance on Wednesday and sold and changed all of its items on Tuesday. Almost like this the 40+ mobs drop is not fixed because it is not convenient for people to make adena to be able to continue selling it with their sellers

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On ‎1‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 10:21 AM, Filepro said:



Grow up.

Just pretend they DID remove it and problem solved.

Could have been more kindly put but I agree with the sentiment.  It's hard to imagine someone complaining and expecting sympathy because something was NOT deleted as scheduled.  As best I can understand it, Jazz is complaining because if he had known the items would not be deleted he would have waited and sold at much higher prices now.  The flaw in that logic, of course, is that if they had announced the items would not be deleted everyone would have kept theirs, instead of getting rid of them in anticipation of the deletion, and the prices would never have gone up.  In the end, Jazz, you lost nothing and you would not have been any better off if they had announced the items would not be deleted as scheduled.  And, obviously, you would not have been better off if they HAD deleted the items as scheduled.  My advice is to relax and enjoy the game.

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