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Question about reswan


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Is it possible to make more spawn places for mob named "Manashen Gargoyle" in crater if Ivory Tower?

Im trying to drop spellbook for my tank but there are only few mobs and nukers take all :D

Was wondering its possible to improve te spwan rate/spot of mobs there.


Would like to hear from staff.


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All those nukers intresting in DW book cuz it more valuable. For tank books check market it's shouldn't be so expesive so mb better farm other stuff wich youn get easyer and buy your book. At this way you will obtain more exp and may get your book much faster. 

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On 2019-01-15 at 4:00 PM, AngeMarkel said:

depending on your class u could go to Sea of Spores and hunt the stone golems there, since they drop DW also

I dont think he needs dw.

But yea, rather just grind aomething else since drop eate is impossible and tank sb prices atm are low

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