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I have a few classes near 40 that I enjoy.  It is probably time to focus and pick 1.  With that in mind I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what to play.  The options I am looking at are Warlord, Destro, AW, or SK  I like to group, but am not sure I like the SK as a main because soloing is horrible without a group and I will be soloing some. . 

Will it be prohibitively difficult to find groups with the dagger?

Are warlords/destros even needed later?  is there an over population/ under population of any of them?


Any insight or opinions are helpful.  Thank you.

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The hardest of these class as far as xp is concerned is AW .. It's not needed anywhere, and its skills miss a lot so it will be a pain in the ass ... It will shine on leve 78 after learning Focus Death ... Warlords are the kings of xp, however you wanna look at it ... You can aoe xp by yourself and find some mage party which is gonna be even easier cuz you can protect the squishy robes by stunning the mobs on aoe .. It's more of a crowd controller and basically stunning everyone not the dd kind of class later on ... Destros are the kings of one-target xp and raids ... Their damage on pvp is mediocre at best, but it's better that some other close range easy to kill fighters .. i say "mediocre" cause they will die in seconds by every other class in game ... But the xp is fun ... SK is a tank ... But with really good curses/cubics and poison/bleed which makes it a more or less fairly easy class to xp solo and of course invited in any xp or raid party ... So, to sum this up..

XP wise : WL>Titan>SK>AW

PVP wise(78+) : AW>SK>Titan>WL

Anyways, each class has its pros and cons... It only matters what you want to try out and play ... You'll have fun with anything eventually ... Just think about your precedences as fas as the game is concerned, and you will figure it out ..

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WL popular but not all of them know how to play, during AI dailyes I played in grps with a few warlords and most of them been criple handed. Just spammed skills even when don't need. Also in future there might be update wich nerf aoe by anchoring mobs close to spawn and this class became useless. Destro havn't so good control abilityes but it's good it's more universal a powerful meele class in PvE.

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I would go wl since it's fun and challenging to solo. It's good for pvp too since it has ranged aoe stun aswell as getting third class skill at lvl 51.

As dagger u will quit the game in a month. Pretty much every tryhard dagger i knew did anyway.

I think soloing with sk is not as horrible as u made it sound. Especially once u get hex. Also sk paralyze is awesome in pvp.

As for destro. They don't even have rush yet so i wouldn't pick it. But ofc the benefit of orc classes is that weapons are usually cheap.

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