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What is wort to buy for 400 and 800 nccoin.


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43 minutes ago, GrannyChill said:

I mostly use it to buy shots,  saving adena for weapons/armor. (nice bonus is that shots from store have no weight)

Well, for example:

- 800 NCoins = 2.000 BSSD

But if you buy 2880 Monkey Baits for 800 NCoins and go fishing (and let's say u dont want to buy fish shots), then: 

- 800 NCoins = 40%*2880 = 1152 Tuna = 7.200 BSSD + some nice exp from fishing (over 3kk for a lvl 50 char).

Buying event baits instead of shots is MUCH cheaper right now. You can double the amount of Tuna and exp you get by buying 2880 Fish Shots for 80k adena that will give you additional 7200 BSSD, making 1 additional BSSD around 11a each, and the total of 14400 BSSD + ~6kk exp for 800 NCoins and 80k adena.


@OP - myself I would buy 1h XP runes for your NCoins and go leech some RBs on it. Its 80 NCoins each. 

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