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Ticket System is messed up


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I have a problem to access my submitted tickets.

It keeps shows me tickets from another account while I'm online with a different account!

Anyone having same issues? Is there a way to fix this?

I logged off and logged in with different emails several times. It keeps showing me the same tickets.

I've even tried to search the ticket I wanted with the request number and it says that it doesn't exist, but in my email, I can have access there!! O.o:S

Any gm available? @Juji@Hime

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4 minutes ago, Lawman said:

It does the same for me.  I think it knows which accounts are yours and just groups all your tickets together.  If you are getting tickets unrelated to any of your accounts maybe you should, uh, submit a ticket about it.

yeah but it doesn't merge all my tickets, that's the problem. It shows only the tickets from a specific account. There are a couple of tickets that missing from there!!!

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