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Does blue mobs have lower drop rates too?


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1 hour ago, lelu said:

Don't think there's a table, but the general consensus is that greens and light blues drop more than whites/yellows/reds.


there is no penalty for Green/white/yellow/pink/red.
u only get penalty for mobs that are 6 or more levels and bellow ur char (blue)
Penalty for 6 lvls difference is not big ( ~ x0.8)  but it gets huge on 7 or bellow

basically farm anything thats not Blue.

NCwest actually posted a table but u have to dig a lot in the "Archive" section

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green mobs more profitable for farm cuz character has bonus crit rate on lower lvl mobs, in same way yellow/pink/red mobs less profitable cuz dmg penalty. So for max adena compensacion per shot better hunt green mobs, except farming something special and hightly valuable.

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