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KAROS    13

Prime time GMT +0 from 20:00 to 00.00
Good activity during week/wekends
Sieges Mandatory (home siege/ dim siege)
Use of Wind Scrolls for Sieges
Team Speak Mandatory
English speaking
Focus 1st PVP / 2nd PVE

Minimum Requeriments:
level 105/105
lv5 leg dye CON x3
Set pvp +10
Noble circlet grace +5
Basic Dragon Shirt +0
Ferios cloak +10 ( -4.5% pvp dmg)
monkey belt/coc belt
Any R weapon with 3sa HP
Blessed Antharas
coc earring Mental attack
Soul Tezza + Lilith
Baium Soul
Beleth Ring
7s Talisman
Insanity (Longing if perma use eva rune)
Abundance lv1
Brooch 5 slots
Obsidian lv4
Tanza/Topaz/diamond/Pearl lv3

mail here or in game "BobOrc


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Jinkariya    50

I would like to join but I don't even have half of your requirements still running with octa shirt to this day :(  

  • Haha 1

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