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Mystic Tavern: Kain


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Hi everyone 

i have been in freya and other zones of Tavern but have a question about Kain zone 

When we destroy the cannon, we go with npc til we reach a place full of sleeping mobs.

Sometime the PT keeps killing mobs til the road is clear and sometime they kill 1 mob and then we can just ignore other mobs and go to Kain

no one answered me in the game so i'm asking you here how do i know the mob i should kill?


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On 19/02/2019 at 12:11 PM, Nawdur said:

the mobs with sleep lvl1 u have to kill, if u wanna skip kill all, just kill the mob with sleep lvl 1 from the last line.

This and mobs with Deep Sleep (lvl 2), when hit, awake all the others. So it's not a good idea to aoe / hit those.

Basically or you kill every mob (1 per line) with sleep level 1 to clear the path and move on, or you hit the mob in the last line with sleep level 1 to pass.

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