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Event Drop Rate

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I've been playing quite a bit since this "event" started, thinking I might finally get that spellbook that I've been trying to get since November, (LOL) what with a 100% increase in drop rate and all, I'm a cinch to get one right? Not a chance! If anything, the drop rates have gotten worse. I started with a level 33 character at the orc barracks. Prior to the event, I was getting full drops at the rate of about 3-4 per day (3-4 hours of playtime). Since the event started, I got 1. I then logged in my spoiler and went to sea of spores. In 3 hours of play, I managed to spoil one mob, and the only drop I saw, which was rare, was stem. I really don't think the drop rate has been increased. (but then again, 100% of 0 is 0). The only thing that seems to have been increased is adena. The rest is still bad, very bad.

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