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Heroes, May 2019


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Sigel Phoenix Knight - 3VN7z1Q.png ResistanT

Sigel Hell Knight - 3VN7z1Q.png CwO

Sigel Eva's Templar - IDLbTLl.jpg Gianina

Sigel Shillien Templar - 3VN7z1Q.png IamHSC

Tyrr Duelist - 3VN7z1Q.png HooL1GaN

Tyrr Dreadnought - 3VN7z1Q.png BobOrc

Tyrr Titan - 3VN7z1Q.png Xtec

Tyrr Grand Khavatari - 3VN7z1Q.png AH64

Tyrr Maestro - 3VN7z1Q.png WestIce

Tyrr Doombringer - 3VN7z1Q.png Ozzy

Othell Adventurer - 3VN7BSx.png  Ghoul

Othell Wind Rider - 3VN7BSx.png iFoToMoTo

Othell Ghost Hunter - 3VN7BSx.png llllllUllllll

Othell Fortune Seeker - 3VN7BSx.png lTerry

Yul Sagittarius - IDLbTLl.jpg iMictla

Yul Moonlight Sentinel - 3VN7BSx.png LordSpoyl

Yul Ghost Sentinel - 3VN7BSx.png  iThePatriot

Yul Trickster - 3VN7z1Q.png eXEQ7er

Feoh Archmage - 3VN7BSx.png lPeppinio

Feoh Soultaker - IDLbTLl.jpg Sioux

Feoh Mystic Muse - 3VN7z1Q.png Semilanseata

Feoh Storm Screamer - 3VN7z1Q.png Graf

Feoh Soul Hound - 3VN7BSx.png Wetdarkness

Iss Hierophant - 3VN7BSx.png HolyFame

Iss Sword Muse - 3VN7z1Q.png Shamiel

Iss Spectral Dancer - 3VN7z1Q.png Sindela

Iss Dominator - IDLbTLl.jpg XenZen

Iss Doomcryer - 3VN7z1Q.png Slawa

Wynn Arcana Lord - nFZQsvQ.jpg TsoglanoC

Wynn Elemental Master - 3VN7BSx.png FuuHouhou

Wynn Spectral Master - 3VN7BSx.png iPatriska

Aeore Cardinal - 3VN7BSx.png lPr1nce77

Aeore Eva's Saint - 3VN7z1Q.png 6yyyy

Aeore Shillien Saint - 3VN7BSx.png Alyssa169

Eviscerator -  3VN7zZ2.png OverDPS

Sayha's Seer - IDLbTLl.jpg Zinilwa


3VN7z1Q.png DragonHunters - 16

3VN7BSx.png MAX - 13

IDLbTLl.jpg HawksOfDoom - 5

nFZQsvQ.jpg MinistryofChaos - 1

3VN7zZ2.png GenericCrew - 1


Original idea credited to @dUdot. I'm just trying to continue the trend xD

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