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Question about crystals


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Hi all.  Haven't played in a long time and when I got back and was looking around, I "thought" I saw an npc that sold crystals for making soulshots.  I checked the Luxury shop and saw they sold weapons/armor up to A grade.  Is there such an npc?  And is there one that sells S grade equipment?  Thanks for any info.

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For S crystals you might have to consider getting some S80 drops (like Morai, Vesper, etc). In bosses like Zaken and Freya instances, it's frequent to find these drops and you can crystallize them from crystals S grade.

In Armor/Weapon Shops and Luxury, maximum sold is A grade equipment. S grade only crafted. You can find "Recipe Merchants" (usually in Blacksmith shops in the cities) with the recipes and fragments needed to craft S grade equipment, but I think it won't be worth it to crystallize to make soulshots S. Better check from players or buy from AH directly :D 

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