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15th Anniversary – The Ultimate Celebration GIRAN Server!

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We got the FREE EVENT for 1 days (working without problem) and then u guys canseld it...u said before 6 days we are gonna get pack for free to make it up for the FAIL and that u speak with devs for cake, 1 week passed no news for cake and nothing for free on the store to make it up for the FAIL on the event, in this 1 week the server lost srsly many ppl im sure u can see that it is true if u look your database ppl keep leaving and many more will leave if u guys dont make something fast....u give as all the time p2w event and we give you money but if u make something for free keep it up like that not for 1 day try to fix it not cansel and give p2w event again! TAKE CARE OF YOUR COMMUNITY OR U GUYS AT NC SOFT ARE GONNA BE WITHOUT WORK! me and my clan 40ppl with most of the like me vip4 are gonna leave if nothing happens we wait till end of the month! 

WE WANT NEWS for 15th Anniversary – The Ultimate Celebration

@Juji @Hime

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