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from 0 to 99 the Wynn is fast and easy to lvl ,from 99 you will need to spend real money to gear it up

solo yes a Wynn is the best and is why people lvl other toons in party with them and is why there are so many BOT using them

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Like @PixyLicks said, from 0 to 99 is really fast and easy. 

I think now the wynns afk playing are macros. The weird ones are the ertheia mages for me...

My main is wynn, but i have a the gear of a low- mid tier player so i have adena in it
From 85-88 you can lvl fast in altar-bloody swampland - harnak

From 89-93-94 Fairy east and west (in that order)

95-98 seal of shillen, dim 95 and silent vallley are good spots

99-101 (or even 102) beleth magic circle in HB is a nice place, but now is full of afk macroers

102 a nice solo place is enchanted valley 


About wynn for pve

Increase the max you can your attribute attack, patack and pcrit damage allways

With paulina set you can reach without any problem to 99 even soloing

After you make adena:

- Creation ring (cheap) for the 15% pcrit damage

- AQ soul/Baium Soul/ Earth wyrn ring (ideal the last one, in order of price)

- Opal and ruby lvl 3 at least

- If you have adena, a good stuff to buy is enhanced shadow retributer if you can find it in the range of 10b-12b. 

try to do exalted quest so you can get exalted tiara for 50 attribute attack for free

After 102 is hard to find partys to exp and do faction, so i recommend you to make a dual classs that will get you in partys for that

Make yourself your own iss hierophant or doomcryer and lvl up at least until 101  for PoM or Bison


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