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  1. Upcoming update video preview

    every one is a buffer now you use Spirit Ore to have lvl 1 buffs or lvl 2 if your lvl 100
  2. lag again?

    yep its back , maybe its all the BOT Wynns ,its time to give summoner ONE pet ,just like before when they had Three they cut it down to two
  3. Help- ertheia dual class

    have some one party you for 20 mins and u'll have the SP to learn skills this is a party and clan game not a solo playing game
  4. Client Performance Lost

    yes it is getting bad I can do solo K95 on my Evis is 8 mins now its 25 what the hell is that ,its the sane on a ISS the attack is like this 1 2 ... 1 2 .... 1 2 even with BR and SM its SLOW but on my Feoh cant tell if its slow or not
  5. Client Performance Lost

    yes there is a lag from the toon pick screen to getting in game is 1 to 2 mins and the first action in game of your toon is lagged too 1 min
  6. Adding new areas to enjoy the game

    The Wall of argos and valley of saints should have lvl 97+ mobs with the same exp as silent valley
  7. Exalted Quest - Confronting a Great Monster

    this game is and always has been a party and Clan game, the only way to get on is in Clan it has never been a Solo game or a box fest
  8. newbie problems

    there was a free weapon in the l2 store 15 adena I think and this post is in the wrong forum its sound like you are doing classic as f2p gives you a lvl 95 weapon at start
  9. Lf help for dual

    try any one you like ,if you don't like it just reset it ,now you get free 95 set with each one you make and its only 1 hr to get it to 86 have a pay with a Wynn as they are fast to lvl and use the same stuff a healer dose

    how many hot keys bars do you have ,its will be behind number 4 of the 5 max you can have
  11. Wynn??

    from 0 to 99 the Wynn is fast and easy to lvl ,from 99 you will need to spend real money to gear it up solo yes a Wynn is the best and is why people lvl other toons in party with them and is why there are so many BOT using them
  12. Help newbie, please

    open the permanent paulin set on the toon you want use it on , you don't get a staff on all Feoh class so pick a summoner sub to open the weapon box and you will get a staff
  13. Buffs

    you can buy buffs from the NPC or from the NC Shop or make a Buffer toon, its easy to box one ,I'v boxed K85 90 95 99 with 5 toons on 3 pc's one main and 4 macros on assist I have a healer on one pc and wynn with a Feoh on one and evis and ISS on the last one
  14. spellbook death whisper

    Manashen Gargoyle Rotting Golem are the mobs you need
  15. Ertheia class dun have Twilight Armor?

    you get the free set if you start at lvl 40 but you will start at 85 and wont get the new set