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Macro Alligator/Tanor V.S semi-active in SoS

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Full party in SoS or split cp in 3 exp partys in alligator/tanor (ofc to help supports as for that you are a CP and want your mates grow up with you... because the true is that a well geared DD doesnt need a tank/healer)

How much in % is the difference of 1h in each spots of a middle/good geared party

like good supports

DDs with 4/5 ruby (+event gems)

PvE Cloaks +12 to +15 good augments

top talismans/ epic jewls/belt


stat boost like bloody runes/freyarune blablabla


3 dd + 4 support. Is is worth to spend 2h/day in sos + etina/helios or split party in 3 diferent partys with box+dd+support of CP?


Looks like the game become a bit bored, even more for support classes that to be real are "useless" for this 2 new areas because a good geared DD can farm alone with pots/event buff or with own box


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I'm confused about why you don't do both. SoS live if you have the gear for it and the right spot there is still some of the best xp in the game. So do your 2 hours of xp there as a 7 many party, then after you get ready to leave split into your 2 or 3 different parties and afk in tanor/alligator for the rest of the day. Best of both worlds.

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