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a proposal of L2 future design for developers


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@Hime   @Juji  @Conguero

Hello,  First i want to note that i dont think this will happen but pls let me know if it falls on spoiled ground.

Maybe think about this:  Let the Dim Server on 24/7 on full system with increased stats (adena/item/XP maybe 50%) with free PVP and PK. Sieges every weekend

PVP Dim Siege: all castle can get challenged by every  PVP Clan LVL 10+ minimum  EXPECT   Aden (Clan lv14) Rune (Clan lv13) Giran (Clan lv13)
Only clans that registerd as attacker of defender can enter siege Zone. eveyone ealse (the whole party or the singel player) get portet to town with use of first skill.
Higher rewards for succesfull Def or Cast maybe maybe the amount of 1 limt upgrade on R110 free to choose amor set full or Weapon. Aden,rune & Giran 200% reward.
Siege Times on standart and Dim server on same date.

 PVP Clans only can XP/Farm/Hunt on Dim Server

From my point of view this would make the standart servers Free for The casual players. or the ones that have not the time / $$ support on their side.

Standart Siege: Almost same settings like in Dim server but you have to be a PVE clan.

The lower castles like Gludio, Dion & Schuttgart can registerd and Casted by maximum Clan lv8.
Inandril, Oren & Goddard maximum Clan lv10. Aden , Rune & Giran minimum Clan Lv11.
Reward are bloody stones armor weapon every week

Optional LvL restriction so a clan can Grow and step up, to make it fair then you would need item lvl restriction again.

PVE Clans can XP/FARM/Hunt on both servers

My thought behind this is that everyone can "get a piece of the Cake" and is not forced to fight against monster players that just want to dominate. sure they can do that even in this system but only against players that are on there LVL.

For Both every Dragon Spawn twiche a week so the amount of needed items for Gods juwels and high LvL pvp / pve are more availbe. on Dim only PVP clans can enter them and on standart server only PVE clans.

If you would lower the L2 store prices just arround 50% i would be supprised if you not endup with more $$$
with a littel fix in known ballance issuse (classes and DPS output)   

That would make a big difference and i think many players will have a comeback to your game.

Best reagards    


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