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Ancient weapon garbage returns for just classic.

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Arg....Was good news for the new patch on 7th, several weeks behind NCsofts global announcement of July 24th, but were probably some bugs,. Till I saw that this weapon crap was added back for classic, it was removed from live  for valid reasons, because it limited weapon use, made small servers next to impossible to equip, was buggy as hell, people begged to have it removed for years..., so NCsoft fixed it for Kams so they were allowed to use 2h in general for zerkers, or 1h for the soul hounds in live, to fix the issues, and no more ancient weapon transforms. But why the hell put it back into classic when it took people complaining for years to get it pulled...… Esp since they is no weapon traders in classic like live to swap enchanted already maces for swords or blunts for 1h swords was even in last event but not for classic. Going to bite for small servers if this is how it rolls out in classic.  And Lvling skill pushed to almost 70s going to be a pain. But given AOE taunts.....no real aoes, no zelot or frenzy type skills for a dps class grp/race, going to be painful,  @Hime @Juji   (Ancient Sword Mastery) 

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I never played GoD, but when Kamael was originally released in NA the Kamael's at level 1 could transform a regular weapon into an Ancient weapon and vica verca.

So what's the big deal if the weapons are just a skin for Kamael to use some of their skills, and everything else about the weapon is transferable?

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