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New Quests - reward?


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Hello, according to patch notes, in the part Quests:


Once all three new quests have been completed, the Adventurer's Agathion Bracelet and Adventurer's Griffin Agathion will be awarded.

I completed all three quests on my char HarryII (Ant Nest Exploration, Secret Garden, Death in the Corridor), but got nothing but XP and SP. Where is the problem?

Btw. Could be possible to strike max lvl restrictions for the new quests, so my main char could get a Brooch too? Or where else have I the chance to get it?


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Not much point in asking for reconsideration since it never ends. They just killed the entire soulshot market and probably caused a whole bunch of people to quit who were afking in giran. They changed class transfer spellbooks to give you a better chance of getting the one you need and thus altering and even killing the spellbook market. They removed the FREE newbie pack with weapons and now costs at least some ncoin. 

They already had a 15 day brooch, but they still havent implemented jewels anyways. There will likely be some event or otherwise once jewels become fully implemented. 

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