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Server lag


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Well, the problem is like hime ,juji  whatever from ncwest says is the latency ,but many ppl want try put the fault in the limite accounts, bots ,auto macro crying everyday. All know before this last update of fafurion with bots,macro etc all fine. So stop cry guys and stop put the blame  in others things.

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I blame actual bots, not macros

also I think some people were trying to hack the server like ddos attack, to start all this shenanigans in an attempt to get the ranking system rolled back....all because they invested so much time and $$ into their dualclass and their main class is weak scrub status

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That's one post I can get behind. They blame positive changes trying to get them reverted and what for? If your gear is so lacking that you can't do hb 8k on your own, don't go thinking you'll find an active party to do it with you if you manage to get NCWest to remove the automated hunting features.

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