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RB level question


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I read forum and saw they change Some Instance RB level, so my question, the following RB level is changed?
Balok + Octavis + Tauti + Epic Tauti + Epic Octavis + Messiah + Baylor + CC rbs + Kamaloka
My Titan each week delvl to keep 101, because of first 3 rb, and if the 3 rb on list changed, then i want to keep 102, so help me out :) for info.

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you des level every week to keep doing balok octa and tauti? go home Kissmyknife you are drunk

you can continue doing whatever those instances i dont know if you imply that you make it by your self with boxes and dont want to nerf drop in 102 but those drop are not the big thing anyway

nobody answer because have no sence go lvl up and use your dual to keep it low if you want,  people have exotic tastes in this days

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