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Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 18

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Hyperlite    58
4 hours ago, UMP said:

Botting is not integrated and the auto mode is not meant to be a fully AFK feature. Macro looping is restricted to 1 macro and 1 only. You cannot loop 2 macros simultaneously. Any situation where a character is able to process an "if" situation is being handled by a bot or pixel capturing software to reproduce keystrokes.

So no, you cannot do everything 24/7 with the macro loop. 

Also I'm not complaining about the game, I'm suggesting ways to improve it though I know it will be to no avail. :(

i never said do everything 24/7

i said do something 24/7 :)

ive left a duo pony healer on their single macro limits, went to sleep, and theyre still killing in the morning. obviously that wont be as efficient as live playing or an actual bot, but it works 24/7.  i guess thats the risk/reward ppl decide for themselves when they decide how they want to play this game

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FenixCalel    3

@Hime and @Juji

Rare Accessory Box Lv. 3


Is the reward forever or does it last?

A friend of mine took this reward and said it has a duration of 7 days.

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