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  1. @Juji any confirmation on this one? i dont wanna sink adena into trying for an active skill if it isnt possible anymore
  2. "Made it impossible to learn active skills during the item augmentation effect" Does this mean active skill augments are no longer possible to obtain?
  3. shots to 1 grade is sad to see. the entire shot, crystal, oe circle of life was a core concept to lineage 2. afk craft chars make most of their income off shot crafts. this is unfortunate.
  4. I know @juji posted the mobs that drop/spoil the blessed soulshot recipe here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13115-blessed-soul-shots-explained/ However, the regular soulshot, spiritshot and blessed spiritshot recipes for D/C/B/A/S are all missing from the wiki. I know they exist in the game, I have 1 dwarf with D-B shots learned that i farmed a long ass time ago when the server started. However, I have had 0 luck finding any sort of info on the forums, google or anywhere else. The best I found was a list of potential locations from pmgame. Anyone have info on these recipes and where they drop/spoil?
  5. Error to Login (exit)

    same, my main got in but any 2nd client i try has this issue.
  6. i havent logged in for over 3 weeks due to a laptop breaking. i got my laptop back today and see this shit as the event. no thanks to the p2w crap i endured for years on retail. bad choice ncsoft, bad choice...
  7. i just keep getting hung at the server select screen and then the client wants to close. awesomesauce
  8. Event For This Month

    I'd assume a valentines day event of some kind will be the next one
  9. Observations. (and resulting question...)

    just go die a handful of times to de-level
  10. there probably isnt a hard cap, just like retail.
  11. 50% XP Rune + Fishing =/= Working

    thank you for the response. ive played since prelude and am very familiar with the vitality system as well as the history of xp/vit/sp items etc. 1 thing I never did was fish, nor did i troll the forums for hours on end reading every single post that people made. the old forums are long gone and all info there has been removed, so there was nowhere to search for if this was tested.the black friday event page listed nothing in regards to the rune not working for fishing. with that said, it is what it is. ill file a ticket to have the box closed and replaced. if they dont do that, i wont buy runes anymore so no big deal. half of the classic server population comes from illegal servers who never played retail. another large portion never come to the forums. the tool tip incorrectly states xp/sp gain. the event page never references that the rune doesnt affect fishing xp/sp or other specific xp/sp sources. the old forums are gone so searching for info or tests is not possible. unsure why you think i am "mad". i stated an issue that I encountered and the only person who actually responded with useful information was Devoid. aside form that, people did not answer the question because they gave no link or source to go with their "common knowledge" answer.
  12. 50% XP Rune + Fishing =/= Working

    cool, give some links where ncsoft did this.
  13. 50% XP Rune + Fishing =/= Working

    if it isnt listed anywhere how is it common knowledge? thats a pretty ignorant response. edit: as i said, where is it listed. from what i've gathered it isnt. common knowledge isnt an excuse when your selling an item for 40-some bucks a pop. it should be explicit on what it counts towards and what it doesnt.
  14. 50% XP Rune + Fishing =/= Working

    where is the 1st part of your post listed? Rune Description: 30-day item. When in inventory, your XP and SP gain is increased by 50%. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or used in the private store, NPC Store, or shared withint the account. Can be stored in a private warehouse.