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  1. Gz I have top tanga lvl 5 but all 5 spheres a 2/3. Dumped about 80 pts into the spheres of the tanga. All my pts are going into lvling a top ari atm.
  2. I guess I missed where the spot they used was "inaccessible". Anyone could run to and log that my teleport spot, no wyvern needed. Does it need fixed, sure. Is it equally as bad that nova cried on the forums, discord, and talked to their irl GM friends at ncsoft to get ms banned and the castle removed? Yes, yes it is... Enjoy loosing half of the comp on chronos. Most of the MS players already made chars on core. While ppl like ish, pope and karrigan think this is the funniest thing in the world, they should try looking in the mirror at what they have
  3. There are roads in Nevada and Arizona with no posted speed limits that go through the desert for miles.
  4. I used to be in top clans for pretty much my entire l2 career. I've attacked and defended Aden/rune/etc, I've played through petition wars, I've been on both sides situations like this. My opinion is everyone can use it. Until ncsoft fixes it, do as you want. People screaming for bans isn't the answer to any issue in this game today. Ncsoft should have fixed this long ago, lots of people know about it. Adapt to it and move on. The video linked also shows them getting wiped, so there are pros and cons to chain porting to 1 spot your enemy knows about which a mis click sends you o
  5. Which country are you referring to? In Germany it's not illegal. In the states, the top speed depends on the state you are in and how you define a highway. Also, that analogy is a bit of a stretch for a comparison. I can't wait for @mixa to get on for this discussion ?
  6. I'm not debating the siege zone for aden needs adjusting. I am saying it's not an exploit if everyone can do it. Just because someone figured something out before you, doesn't make it an exploit. Everyone can log that my teleport spot and use it in the current build of the game. No wyvern or special stuff needed. You're talking about a section of the map that's extremely small on where a character can stand while not being in the siege zone. I'm not going to watch that video frame by frame. I have stated why I don't think it's an exploit. File a petition.
  7. When did I say that? People jumped to a spot not on siege field. Then they ran onto the siege field. You don't Flag when entering a siege field, only when leaving one. What are you even asking?
  8. If you ignore the rest of my post and focus on 1 sentence, I don't know what to tell you either m8
  9. What part of that little part of the field isn't a "siege zone" do you not understand? You claim this is an exploit, but everyone can go an log this point at any time. Dont mistake this as me saying this should be like this. This same exact thing exists on every siege field where the field ends and normal territory starts. The siege zone on aden needs adjusted, not people banned. Also, again, this has existed forever. Literally, for years.
  10. @Juji @Hime Any update would be nice, thanks. Also, what happens if someone uses an appearance wep scroll now? What bug happened?
  11. Please point me to a post where ncsoft has said this specific location is bannable? I'm not MS, or even on chronos. But the spot referenced any player can run to themselves, at any time. The post Juji made was about inaccessible locations, such as places a wyvern could go and a normal player can't.
  12. Thank you for looking into it. To the people who are all for the drop aspect being put back in. I don't think anyone has an issue with dropping being put back in when over a certain number of pks. They have an issue with the exploits that allow someone to make you go red based off of a game bug while you are afk which makes you drop said items based off no choice of the items owners (except to afk macro xp completely by the terms of the eula) If you can't see the difference between the arguments, there isn't much hope in a successful discussion about it. People are jus
  13. This has existed forever. I remember nova doing it back in the day. No different than going 1 step off the siege field anywhere and summoning. Just so happens that's a perfect spot for Aden. Anyone can go there, even during siege, and save the spot themselves. Not sure what the issue is here... Edit: this could have been patched forever ago, but never has been.
  14. @Juji are you personally testing it on a pts like the video showed before deploying?
  15. Artifact crystals and fragments were just done as rewards from an event. Like literally in the last month. That was when everyone was supposed to get the new artifacts in prep for this event.
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