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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    Server settings ended 3/18 as well, but those got extended. Dont be so daft you can't understand why people are asking about this. Makes you look rather... Trollish...
  2. Problems with Dwarven Race

    Unfortunately, ncsoft hates crafting and the Dwarven classes in general. Live, classic, both classes are sheiks of what they were. I'll also 2nd the fact that dwarves can't pk anyone 😂 Spoiling is basically a waste of time at the moment. However, the Dwarven race is best for healers from the racial passive.
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    will you extend the 4k vitality maint pack as well?
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    What does Circlet Upgrade Stone Pack contain?
  5. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    made a +8 r110 set on 68 luc in about 15 mins 1 week ago with relatively no issues and maybe 30 bucks of ncoin with multiple lady luck procs. also made my 12 r110 daggers 13 with same luc. ive been away for a while, but ive read nothing official on korean, eu, ru or anything else for that matter that states anything on how luc matters to enchants changing. not saying your wrong, just saying i prefer to read a test than player's opinions on game mechanics.
  6. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    i'd be interested in seeing the patch notes or live live server test that backs that claim up
  7. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    fair enough on "items" i dont buy the whole "soft cap removed" stuff. its not in any patch notes i can find and according to the last official test on core, 60 luc is all that matters. gz on the shirt tho.
  8. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    so like, how u get all that luc bro? also, past 60 luc the amount it helps is basically nullified by a soft cap.
  9. Roll dagger and both apply to your stabs, problem solved
  10. im not reading the entire 6 pages, but i thought applied weapon appearances stayed? just the items to change appearance were being removed? my dual daggers that had dual mamba edge apperance now look like regular r99 bloody daggers...
  11. @Hime how about putting the blessed weapon appearance stones back in the store for us to use this last week? You implement this "bug" about appearance stones not working but you ninja removed the blessed stones before 2/19
  12. Blessed Weapon Appearance Stone

    QQ, well I hope they bring them back. I found a regular weapon stone (non blessed) in my wh but I dont wanna loose my old s weapon. Bring these back during maintenance this week @Juji and @Hime I gots money burnin a hole in my pocket for some of these.
  13. Blessed Weapon Appearance Stone

    totally agree. i forgot about the emerald weapon ones, those were cool @Juji @Hime
  14. so, the Blessed Weapon Appearance Stone used to exist in the L2 store. now it doesnt, but armor and accessory still does. when will these be back? if this is posted somewhere, my apologies, but I didnt find it in search. ty
  15. What about server transfers finally being available? I'd come back to play if I could xfer off naia to chronos where all my friends are now. I'm interested in playing but cant be asked to remake my char, sorry.