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  1. @Hime how about putting the blessed weapon appearance stones back in the store for us to use this last week? You implement this "bug" about appearance stones not working but you ninja removed the blessed stones before 2/19
  2. Blessed Weapon Appearance Stone

    QQ, well I hope they bring them back. I found a regular weapon stone (non blessed) in my wh but I dont wanna loose my old s weapon. Bring these back during maintenance this week @Juji and @Hime I gots money burnin a hole in my pocket for some of these.
  3. Blessed Weapon Appearance Stone

    totally agree. i forgot about the emerald weapon ones, those were cool @Juji @Hime
  4. so, the Blessed Weapon Appearance Stone used to exist in the L2 store. now it doesnt, but armor and accessory still does. when will these be back? if this is posted somewhere, my apologies, but I didnt find it in search. ty
  5. What about server transfers finally being available? I'd come back to play if I could xfer off naia to chronos where all my friends are now. I'm interested in playing but cant be asked to remake my char, sorry.
  6. Box of Aden Talisman +8

    aden talisman isnt eve tradeable between chars on the same acc. doubt they will trade it for you.
  7. How to get Moonknight armor set

    i think its built into lvlup quests now, unsure tho
  8. Ability points per level after 75

    you will have to buy every single p2w item that gives ++stats. its clear that's what these stat points were intended for.
  9. olympiad needs to be longer than an hour or you need to start it later. 5pm est, 4pm central, 2pm pacific there is nothing NA about these times. majority of the NA people are at work or school. L2EU already exists. i'd highly suggest re-looking at these times or moving olympiad back to what it was.
  10. 4pm central oly time? wtf...
  11. so does this mean my stored up months and months of vip 4 will be basically used up in 2 months of this vip 7? Hence making everyone actively buy things over time on all chars to maintain the vip you want this will be annoying...
  12. ....and this couldnt be fixed with the regular maintenance in 10 hours?
  13. Real L2c with a fresh start

    this sounds like a bad idea.... plus, a server needs a revenue source to function, and i wouldnt play on what you describe for a monthly cost.
  14. EVENTS

    mixa's responses are always awesome