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  1. Othell vs Feoh

    Do u know which class of othel is giving you the most issue? I'd imagine it'd be ghost hunter in shadow evasion or anything in UE. Without a mana burn and heal tactic I don't see how you will drain all of a rogues mp. As a ghost hunter, I can oe 1 of my self buffs to give myself mana on the fly. I don't think the focus should be on mama drain, but surviving past the cooldowns and trying to pull them out of hide if they go into it. I haven't played as a feoh since they're been awakened, but that's my Input from fighting them in oly as a dagger.
  2. Incoming PK System

    A summoner controls pets that are non player characters. It can still happen, just no point since u don't drop anymore.
  3. Incoming PK System

    my guess is itll be identical to what they implemented on classic.
  4. Tanga or Ari???

    On dagger, crit dmg > skill power > Patk on how it increases damage.
  5. What is the best race for Othel

    all dagger stabs crit. dex doesnt affect that. stop spreading this false rumor. dex will give slightly faster skill annimations. but increasing any bit of crit ability on skills isnt true. possibly if you want to talk about p accuracy and "missing" a stab, but there is a ton fo other factors in that (lvl of both chars, gear, buffs, etc) as long as your at 80 dex, your fine as a dagger. to the OP: dark elf or dwarf imo, dark elf is best. edit: dwarf bc they need more love
  6. Tanga or Ari???

    i went top tanga. largely bc i got it 1st, still miss top ari. however, in my tests, patk + crit dmg is better than p skill power alone as far as the damage output. what needs to be decided against is the reuse of ari. the extar skill reuse wont make a difference on any stab because they are typically ready to use again once you get to them. larger cool down skills it would be helpful on (angel of death, ue, etc). hide cant be made perma even with a top ari and the old refresh augs unless u crit hide, so thats a mute point on the reuse. regarding skill power vs crit dmg on a dagger, crit damage scales better in my tests. this means 1% crit dmg > 1% skill power in dmg increase. so, for which is better? both are good. imo the tanga will provide harder hitting stabs. the ari isnt bad tho. the main thing is wait for a top grade ari or tanga, then invest in it. if you are lucky enough to have both top grade ari and tanga and tons of enchant pts, do u wanna crit harder or have angel of death and ue slightly faster? the 5% cool down just only affects like 10% of skills you use in a noticeable way. i play more of a glass cannon style, so tanga works for me. ari is definitely the choice for yul and tyr tho imo.
  7. id rather get artifact event we basically just had what you describe for 2+ months they should do that for compensation after all lag is fixed
  8. Estimations of damages and imbalances

    im a dagger and im all for razor rain becoming an actual aoe dmg skill. how about aoe shadow reverse
  9. @Juji any update on server transfers? edit: cross server AH would solve a bunch of issues btw... you have cross server so many other things (siege, oly) i dont see why this hasnt happened in a 16 year old game. naia's economy is trash compared to chronos
  10. I farm about 1-2 boxes per hour and have opened all I farmed and best I got was some low r110 gear, like a shield and sigil. Been grinding them since event starts basically 24/7 but single target. Rate on anything is bad.
  11. Here was mine, thought it was good My Screenshot Submission I dont think people are unhappy about not winning. The contest was a screenshot in an xp area featuring your character. Some of the winners are pure adena art pics, others are scenery shots with no mobs, those doesn't meet the contest criteria. We have had adena art contests before. This one was different. If I submitted my pic in an adena art contest and won, that would be wrong. I get its all in good fun, but some of the winners don't make sense based off the contest rules. It is what it is. Gz to the winners.
  12. Shilen sa test

    made lvl 5 from 1 box also, just went straight boom boom boom. paused at 4 for a few days, then clicked 5
  13. theyre being announced today. how did you not see the other thread thats directly under yours? Hime also responded in it. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18323-screen-shot-contest-winner-announcement/
  14. yea, this 16th event is pretty much a waste of time. im glad the hunting areas are getting fixed, but the event is almost over. i also dont know a single person who got more than a low piece of r110 armor from boxes.
  15. Was Breka Orc fixed with this update? I posted it was also not dropping these chests as the event page states they should on a forum post last week.