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New player: Please help..


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Hi!! G’day!

how many box i need to enjoy lineage 2 classic?I am playing lvl26 AS TROOPER (kamael) just started yesterday.

-whats the best box for my main? Like healer/buffer/dance/songs

-how many box/windows i can open?

-whats the best c grade weapon and armor?

Please help...


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Theres no limit on how many windows u can open. If u can, go for full healer/buffer/dance/songs.

If u cant box many then definitely go for at least warcryer and healer. I say warcryer because for the afk macro gameplay promoted in this server hes the most useful support.

Not sure what c grade armor would be best for your trooper, hopefully somene else can say.

As for weapon, definitely ancient sword. Dont remember the name of top c though :/

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Check here for quests information: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Quests

Each race's starting area has several quests that quickly get the character to level 20 ending up in Gludio then there are a few quests from there.

There are also daily quests that vary depending on your level, and that will be the majority after you complete the quests in gludio.


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