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Ultimate Dragon Pouch x250 Rates?


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The event says that you get "rare" items, but really most of the stuff that you get from the regular Dragon Box and the Golden Dragon Box are not all that rare.

The best thing that I got was a level 5 emerald, a Valakas bottle and an Antharas bottle, a Dragon Shirt (which I didn't need) and 4 Dragon shirt enchant scrolls. Speaking of didn't need, I got about 8 Lilith Talismans from this event. Is there an event that lets us compound these talismans for something worthwhile? They are just junk cluttering up my WH.

All in all, if you need giant's energy, EOD, enchant scrolls for weapons and armor , R crystals, R gems, and Lionel, Pantheon, Mermodyn (or whatever it's called) and Leona stage 7 and 8 SA crystals, this is the event for you. Most of that boxes that you open will be that crappy stuff that you can find even when the market is dead slow. Hardly rare.

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