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  1. Pve on farfurion

    There are always two approaches. You can get smaller items first and then eventually focus on big ticket item. Or you can get big ticket item out of the way first, and go back and get all of those smaller items later, many of which become available in events. I would not completely ignore the Krishna weapon upgrade. All of those smaller other items you are just going to end up using to fund your eventual, inevitable Krishna weapon upgrade. That's what happened to me. I wound up selling my Abundance 4, 7 signs, and +10 Elmore cloak to buy materials to upgrade +12 Bloody R99 to +10 Bloody Krishna. It took me a couple of months, but I now have all of those smaller items back, plus my now +12 Bloody Krishna. I don't regret it. But I'm different. I don't like knowing that there's something better out there within reasonable grasp. I had to move on from R99 because it nagged at me. And if they ever make it possible for a solo player without top clan backing to own full. top grade Dragon weapon, I'll get one of those, too.
  2. what class has a banshee?

    The Banshee Queen summons comes much later. I think you can see it on your list of magic skills to be learned. If not, there are a couple of good L2 wiki sites out there that have good information on classes and skills. As Thrax Man says, google is your friend.
  3. GM Bufs

    I hear what you're saying, but a GM's job isn't just to police the game. It's also to create a fun environment that makes people want to play the game more. We give them crap all of the time, but it's never as easy as we think. It's not even easy to mass ban, because all that does is create more work when the owners of those accounts submit support tickets petitioning for reactivation, while at the same time seeking to open up even more accounts so that they can continue to curb-stomp the EULA.You need live bodies to answer those tickets, even if the answer is "Denied." It's why I say see a Bot, make a Red. Hell, make a Red army. People need to police their own communities sometimes. True irl and in-game.
  4. Character creation

    They also always shut down character creation whenever they get an infestation of adena spammers, especially the kind that send chain mails and pms globally in-game. Once they've dealt with the accounts, they'll reactivate character creation.
  5. Sorceror or Spellhowler for pve?

    Spellhowler is and will always be the best mage to play imho.
  6. Ultimate Dragon Pouch x250 Rates?

    The event says that you get "rare" items, but really most of the stuff that you get from the regular Dragon Box and the Golden Dragon Box are not all that rare. The best thing that I got was a level 5 emerald, a Valakas bottle and an Antharas bottle, a Dragon Shirt (which I didn't need) and 4 Dragon shirt enchant scrolls. Speaking of didn't need, I got about 8 Lilith Talismans from this event. Is there an event that lets us compound these talismans for something worthwhile? They are just junk cluttering up my WH. All in all, if you need giant's energy, EOD, enchant scrolls for weapons and armor , R crystals, R gems, and Lionel, Pantheon, Mermodyn (or whatever it's called) and Leona stage 7 and 8 SA crystals, this is the event for you. Most of that boxes that you open will be that crappy stuff that you can find even when the market is dead slow. Hardly rare.
  7. GM Bufs

    Juji logged in around midnight yesterday unexpectedly and gave buffs. That's how it should be -- random and at the GM's discretion. Not at a set time, or all of the time. Sure, some people will miss out, but not many "live" players were on anyway. Nice surprise for those of us that were awake.
  8. Sayha Ring

    I bet. Unfortunately, unless the next event drops fully upgraded Dragon weapons, I'll have to pretend to see the ring glow that doesn't show.
  9. exalted quest

    I think the quest tells you that you have to hunt mobs in Giants Cave or Enchanted Valley. The drop rate is the same in both places, no matter which mob you hunt. It's just a question of which area is more crowded. Also, at least on my server the people who have the Blood Swords always visit EV several times a day. So if you AFK-XP, be prepared to come back to a dead toon.
  10. Skill Enchants

    Which part is wrong?
  11. Sayha Ring

    Scratching my head. No matter which slot I equip the ring, the glow only shows up on my character's left hand for a second. The problem? That's also the same hand that carries my bow -- and the bow that I use has a hand guard (and its own glow from the enchants on it), which means that you don't see the ring glow at all. Did the devs not think that through all the way?
  12. Brooch BR

    Stacked level 6 jewels? Well, I guess I don't have to worry about that. I'm still trying to get level 4 everything.
  13. Skill Enchants

    Yes, you can enchant some skills as you gain levels. The higher your level, the more of your skills become available for enchanting. You need SP, adena and Superior Giant Codex to enchant the first 10 levels of a skill. Enchanting skills, like most things in L2, is a chance game. Because of that, there are also Superior Giant Codex Mastery books, which work like Blessed scrolls. If the attempt to enchant your skill fail, you keep the skill level if you use a Mastery book, as opposed to a regular Superior Giant Codex. If you fail using the Superior Giant Codex, your enchanted skill level will return to 0. The enchant window will tell you the odds of a successful enchant, so you can decide in advance if you want to use a normal Codex or a Mastery Codex. There is a third type of codex called Immortal Scrolls, but it's been ages since NCSoft made those available via an event/promotion. I think the last time was the Special Fishing event several years ago (with the blue, not yellow fishing bait). If you do happen to get one of the Immortal Scrolls those succeed 100%. Finally, the last word on codex: From enchant levels 1-10 you will use the basic plain codex. To enchant skills from 11-20, you will need a codex/mastery codex that has a 1 in the bottom right corner. To enchants skills from 20+ requires a codex/mastery codex with a 2 in the bottom right corner. If in doubt, read the description on the codex. It will tell what levels can be enchanted with a given codex. Now that you know a little about codex, let's get to the enchant. Go to your skills window (or just hit K on your keyboard) and you will see three tab options under Skills. One is your ACTIVE skills, the second is your PASSIVE skills, and the 3rd is LEARN SKILL. Go to your Active skills and select the Enchant Skills box at the bottom of the window. This will expand the window for the skill enchant dialogue. Drag and drop the skill that you want to enchant into the Standard Skills box and then select an Enchant Skills Option. The Enchant Effect box will tell you what changes will be made if the enchant succeeds. It will also tell you the odds of success as a percent. Don't be alarmed if you don't see all of your active skills available for enchant. Like I said, as you level, more of them will become available. At the bottom of the window are the Required Ingredients. This is where you determine if you're using a general codex, a blessed (i.e., Mastery codex) enchant, or an Immortal Scroll enchant. The system will automatically detect which codex you have in your inventory. This area also tells you how much the enchant will cost you in both adena and SP. (Only Immortal Scrolls don't cost you anything to use.) Once you've made all of your selections, hit the Enchant Skill button below the Required Ingredients area. You'll know in a microsecond if it was a success or fail. Good luck!
  14. Brooch BR

    Pardon, noob here. What is Brooch BR? How do I get it? Or is that something that only drop from endgame Raid Boss that only top clans do?
  15. Which skills are considered "Strike" Attack?

    Never mind, found patch notes.