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Does it get better or should I change


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I've been leveling a Phantom Ranger.  I have a boxed PP and BD, but it's slow, and super hard. I play at odd hours so usually no parties are going and I end up playing solo 99% of the time.


Should I stick it out with my PR and it'll get better or should I change to something more able to solo in the later game.


I've been thinking maybe Tyrant, Destro, or one of the tanks like DA/SK.  I haven't played classic before but I'm looking for some advice, i know these questions can be annoying.


My levels:

PR: 49

PP: 48

BD: 43

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Typically people refer to pvp and ranged champs are just that. They 2 shot people before they can get in range. Aside from that I don't think it matters that much if you go melee instead of playing the class you enjoy. 

Problem with this version is that unlimited boxing made everyone box and solo the content all the way to end game so it only matters until you are 70+. Another factor is that many people actually spend money on VIP and runes and level quite fast because those xp boosts are significant. You just have to grin and bear it until at least 60+ and try to afk since that's what everyone does. It's not until 60+ or so where there is more interest for parties as content becomes more difficult and the drops become relevant from b-grade. 

I play on Talking Island and have similar problems playing at odd hours or a different time zone. 

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