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Prices not updated - Rose's Brooch


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The server is dead and you keep the same prices as years ago.

Everyone tells you that the game is unbalanced and instead of solving it you make it worse.

Can you explain how new server people can be equipped?

you are eliminating all the possibilities they have to get adenas (farm) and equip themselves.

-olympics, instance dimensional 100, fishing, etc...

NO GEAR, They  can't PLAY.

All prices have gone up


Rubi lvl1 --> 300kk - 400kk (first time 50kk)

- Blessed Valakas --> 30B-35B ( before 23B).

- Leviathan cost --> We don't comment on the price.


Official solution:


The only way to equip yourself is to use the credit card --> medium equipment --> 4000-5000 $ or more i think. 

How many people do you think is going to spend that money to start playing l2?


There are no interesting events where player participation is rewarded.

if you are connected even if you do not play you receive a reward (it is not an event) it is to deceive yourself.


Please, Look to change things or the server will be more and more dead.

I hope that future changes will bring the server back to life.








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We've been telling about this for years, nobody cares from the staff or devs.Also take a note that 95% of the server items economy comes from the L2Store, which makes it impossible to have actual economy at all.

Next time you see some lamer to shout "WTS NCOIN", /block him, these are the worst offenders.

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