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Please can we have Dragon Shirt sales back


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ye but thats IF they actually activate that feature in NCwest. i mean we should've gotten the jewels box from mammon as part of the update but we didnt. and if that dragon shirt is obtainable at the, currently, last exalted chain q, that means u have to get to 110 to get it, which isnt that easy. one thing i do not yet understand is that since ncwest and nckorea r under the supervision and management of the same company ppl(NCsoft) not like RU or EU, why arent we at the same levels as the Koreans? i mean why r we always behind on updates and not like 1 update behind but 2-3? how come there, according to streams and word of mouth, most ppl can pvp without getting oneshot all the time, more ppl have end game items without spending thousands of dollars/pounds/euros? we must be doing something terribly wrong, i mean honestly, bring one of the developers/admins whatever person is needed and have that person fix our poor ol' server and make it like theirs! sincere request/wishful thinking! :D

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