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where is the fun?

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Hi, i play since c4 and have passed for all chronicles and see a lot of changes, L2 never be a easy game and have nice gear was always a great achievement, for oneself and for our clan. But now the game is very different now.

you can buy every single part of the game and what is worse the most of free and fun things to do was removes and changed by a form of payment system, if you don pay a VIP subscription you don get any drop and obviously you have a more hard way to walk to level up, this is rebuttable and one can say "they need to get money" and is fine, but what is not fine is the follow.

when i start to play this "classic", mobs drop adena, drop items and you can sell it and get money, buy gear and consumables. but suddenly this change and mobs don't drop adena. and the P2W items start to appear in the l2store. the next move of the develop team was remove soulshots crafting, and now the crafting items cannot be sell in the npc traders, the adena still low and the develop team start a new P2W event.

and now, i am her asking myself, why (in the god name) i am still playing this game, is (...ing) bored, no one pvp, because the xp loss is high. no have 100% ress because is fun die an grind 2 or 3 days to recover the xp loss is OK, we are still waiting for a noblese system, also a olimpiad game was not a joke (cmon full buff in a olimpiad game), the sieges... really just 1 castle absolutely fun.

please mr @Juji and @Hime consider this follow

  • back adena to a normal rate (i am bored to buy adena.)
  • a normal price to sell the drop
  • improve the drop rate of items.
  • back the crafting of spirit/soulshots
  • put a 100% resurrection recovery system (scroll or skill)
  • noblese buff for all (item, skill, whatever.)
  • all castle siege (like always)
  • a method to get the P2W items via game. (not just spending money like a Rockefeller)

the damage was already done and this last "update" was the worse of all, not by the macro complains, by the changes in how we get adena, and obviously how we got fun (and the macros to.)

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The UI itself is terrible. You can't right click to block or report now. You can't even see the debuffs on your target so either you spam debuffs or just use it once and pray...

The CP bar is tiny and almost useless..

No ability to mark targets like every other MMORPG in existence.

No system info wiindow so now chat window is spammed with crap.


It is so bad they HAD to of been trying to make it worse because my god this was a lot of failure otherwise. Whoever pushed for this design and whoever approved it should be fired or moved to a new position because they have no idea what they are doing...

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