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Tyrr titan Armor choice


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Hi guys,I think that in this patch it is better for Tyrrs to use heavy set.

-Light set 

STR +3, DEX +2

P./ M. Skill Power +3%

P. Atk. +7%, M. Atk. +7%, P. Def. +5%, M. Def. +5%, Received Healing +7%, Attribute Resistance +15

-Heavy set


P. Critical Damage +3%, P. Skill Critical Damage +3%

P. Atk. +7%, P. Def. +7%, Attribute Resistance +15

heavy has better p def but less evasion..

what are you thinking about this?

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check your passive skills to decide what you want most, mastery in light armor gives 10% attack speed plus accuracy evasion and speed. 

If you don't really need the defense of heavy, light armor can be better to increase damage output.

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next update minor changes are made to Tyr skills / passives one of them being added resist aka damage reduction versus dagger / archers on Tyr's heavy armor passive mastery which is why in Korea all PVP Tyr's are in Hvy set

for PVE imho light is still the best option

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