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Enhanced Shadow Bow vs Enhanced Exalted Bow


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Thats a an easy one....Enhanced Exalted coz its free, strongest will be Enhanced Shadow(have +150 att atack and augument "adition" to enhanced exalted), kelbim bow not worth mention here

Be aware, to make yull a great damage dealer you need like 500 bil adena...otherwise a noob iss like me can kill you easly :)

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Don't waste your adena for lol shadow weapon, it literally has zero value. It only makes sense if you got it for free.

The Enhanced Exalted weapon is great, be cause it's free and rather good and you can change it to any weapon for measly 150m any day.

Kelbim is obsolete too, since it's pretty much the same weapon minus 150 attribute and it doesn't give pve dmg.

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