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Please do something about Adena


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The server has seen a lot of players quit recently. For a number of reasons. But the way the server is setup now it doensnt allow new players to stay in game and very few of them survive past a month in game and they quit.

You HAVE to help players cover their ss costs. This is not a long term viable server if it continues like this.

Yes u can buy items from store and sell for adena, but if every player in game does that, there simply wont be enough adena for all. Since the few adena zones u left in game are exclusively farmed by bots with scripted pk protection the only choice you leave people is to buy from adena sellers.

Please make it so we can cover our ss costs, and im certain if u do that more people will be happy to buy l2store items.

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It is difficult to maintain, as you said the areas of drop adenas, dominated by Bots, so I ask if the intention of the GM is to encourage trade in adenas, because all the facts seem to point to this strategy.

Improve the rate and drop areas on the whole map, it seems difficult, ok, free up the drop areas for real players. Or one thing or the other.

It creates a popup system like it had in the past, the player confirms by the pop-up that it is active there, if DC does not answer.


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The changes to the drops would of possibly gone better if you could still craft shots. The players crafting react to market pressures with their pricing. The problem is amplified by the unification of shots to one type. Giving NG/D/C grade weapons all the same shot usage rate resulted in a massive increase in shot costs for all three grades. Which happens to be what the newbies can be expected to use. Having NG shots nearly triple in price was just ridiculous...

I started on my classic server day one. My little group relied heavily on drops I found. I bought NG shots in bulk in giran and was able to use the shots on most of my dps. If I started now I wouldn't be able to use shots at all and leveling up would be even more miserable as the supplied shots run out fairly fast just doing the quests. NG and D weapons pretty much don't exist on the market (shot cost and removal of grade limits killed that) and even C grade items can be hard to find.

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