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Upgrading R99 to R110-Please shed some light!!


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@Juji@Hime Before the last update the Elcyums needed for upgrading were 41. U did mention that the elcyums quantity will rise but u only posted a pic with blessed r99 to r110 not bloody and I thought that that was it and the bloody price wouldnt be affected. That is not the case though. Atm u need 102 Elcyums some gemstone R(normal amount) and 9b adenas.

With the current adenas drop and amount rate (low low low low low) and with fishing yielding at best 1 elcyum per 2 days(with fancy fishing rod) it would take 204 days to get the Elcyums needed to upgrade. By that time we gonna get new updates, lol, it is ridiculous!!

ANY chance u could lower the adena and Elcyum amount needed for that upgrade r99 bloody/dark to r110 bloody/dark or make it like it was or make it like 70% off adenas and elcyums for a limited time like u did with the forgotten skills 1-5 that needed adenas and u cut the prices there?

Also I got a Caster. My +12 gonna go to +10 after I've upgraded it. Now the heavenly scroll allows fighter weapons to 100% enchant to +12 but not mage weapons? Considering the state of Feohs atm isnt that a bit silly? Any chance of also removing that penalty/restriction from the Heavenly Scroll we get from hero coins?



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