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The Real Farm back in l2world


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Hello, as all ppl are shouting for the incredible game destroyed and cant farm serious and have costantly feel to have chance to do some milions..

Why dont put again World Raid Bosses at --human condition-- no fukin barrier, like the past 2012, with 100% drop of 1 piece of armor/weapon 110,  medium chance to drop some useful stuff that need in game real (ex silenite etc).

Special Bosses:

You serious makes him only for elite players, too much restriction (21 chars and...107 lvl LOOOOL...)

So, i remember the REAL l2 fun and adrenaline, where randoms and even low gears can join and hope to drop some boss jewel.

The fun of find 1world raid boss lives and make fast a room or call clan mates to get 1 piece to enchant or resell or collect and upgrade.....

That was for all population...a hope to all to conclude something in the game...a mission with real reward for you...

Bosses were HIDE not in map and if u were lucky u find 1lives..no stupid prohibitive barrier, we are very poors regrouped, you have like in past give to randoms opportunity to have a real game and we will get more new players that will install l2 and starts play

Baylor, kama, gludio totally wrong difficult.

@Juji consider this kind ogmf gameplay how was fun and a refresh for the economy.

Please consider we need swap with this huge difficult to exchange in r110 stuff now it need to be the standard, but ppl cant find in any drops, exchange the old r99 +12 bloody costs around 70bilion. That is insane price, change it around 20elcyum or less and also put into drops to start server make r110 standard equip like the cost of the r99 stuff

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If Admins actually did their job it would be better game.


set traps for botters using raid boss... spawn one somewhere remote and watch who shows up.. easy.. banned.. 

but no, even simple ideas to much to waste their time sitting with feet up doing nothing.

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