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unfair the game now

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It's great that it only takes a couple of days to get to 105. But let's all hold off on pressing the panic button. The sky isn't falling. Just because a new player is 105 doesn't mean that said player is actually competitive, either in the market or in PVP. Most of them are still so far behind the established community that posts like these are really pointless.

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we need more players! it is a step in the right direction, anyway we need a little more from the korean developers to really get more people, specifically the old nostalgic players, game should be a little more rewarding and with more content to the average players, rewarding instances for example, cause the game atm is kartia and afk xp until olympiad comes.

Keep in mind that the game is very old, they might be looking to phase it out and focus on newer projects.

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